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Hello again!

In Spain I started to work with css and some JavaScript Plugins.

Well in these three years i was just learning and learning

I learned linux, C, Java, ADA(I guess no one has heard about it:D), and Ajax and I finally left my beloved language VB6 and moved to

Now almost everyday I’m programming

Most of the time I’m searching for functions in the internet for and Ajax

The program I’m making with needed to download a html page and then convert a table to dataset

I searched for it but the answer was a component and the cost was near $150

So I decided to do it myself

After Learning about how works with html I understood that it was so much easier than I though

I just need to make a do while until for the InnerText of all td’s until I read the value I want.(since the page wasn’t standardized and the tags didn’t have anyname)

And about a script that I’m working with.

It has a header file for all the pages, so any JavaScript needed in search.php will be included in index.php as well.

So I decided to pass the name of the page to smarty and in the smarty for each JavaScript put an if to check if it’s a right page to include this JavaScript or no.

I will tell you more about a little experience I have:D


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Hello Programmers!

Hi everyone!

I guess I have to start with a introduction.

I’m a student in Spain but my originality is Iranian(I lived there until 2007).

The first time i started programming.

I started with VB6 even VB 7.0 was already released back then.

With the first line of a code i started to love programming and I started to progress in VB6

After writing few programs in VB6 for my school and my friends I heard one of my friends that web programming is even more fun

Well I though I’m fine just with VB6 and not going to learn anything else

But when after a year(I started programming with VB6 in 2004) Microsoft stopped supporting VB6 and I didn’t have anymore ideas for programming in VB6(I just wanted new ideas and didn’t like old ideas)

I didn’t do a lot until 2005(I did a little program with c++ and assembly for analyzing object movements in the camera)

Then I saw php

I really loved this programming language

It was really easy to understand and I started Web programming(right now I’m modifying a script that works with php, mysql and smarty)

I remember I had a friend that was talking about Ajax all the time

I really couldn’t understand what he was saying since I didn’t have any experience in javascript

In 2007 I moved to Spain.

I’m sure you are tired by now:P

I will leave the rest for tomorrow.

Tell me what you think about me.


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