Hello Programmers!

Hi everyone!

I guess I have to start with a introduction.

I’m a student in Spain but my originality is Iranian(I lived there until 2007).

The first time i started programming.

I started with VB6 even VB 7.0 was already released back then.

With the first line of a code i started to love programming and I started to progress in VB6

After writing few programs in VB6 for my school and my friends I heard one of my friends that web programming is even more fun

Well I though I’m fine just with VB6 and not going to learn anything else

But when after a year(I started programming with VB6 in 2004) Microsoft stopped supporting VB6 and I didn’t have anymore ideas for programming in VB6(I just wanted new ideas and didn’t like old ideas)

I didn’t do a lot until 2005(I did a little program with c++ and assembly for analyzing object movements in the camera)

Then I saw php

I really loved this programming language

It was really easy to understand and I started Web programming(right now I’m modifying a script that works with php, mysql and smarty)

I remember I had a friend that was talking about Ajax all the time

I really couldn’t understand what he was saying since I didn’t have any experience in javascript

In 2007 I moved to Spain.

I’m sure you are tired by now:P

I will leave the rest for tomorrow.

Tell me what you think about me.


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