In following of the last post…
After finishing protect_content function I thought I can use it in wp too
So I tried to learn how to make a plugin for wordpress
At the beginning it was really hard but after an hour I got used to it And i finished writing a simple plugin in 5 hours(lots of time XD)
Download the plugin HERE
I hope you enjoy it
Have a good day


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  1. #1 by Jessie Matanky on 21/04/2011 - 7:01 PM

    Hi, I have installed this plugin on a client’s site, and it is causing some layout problems – when an image is floated, it gets rid of the float, and it also doesn’t apply to all the images in the site – only the ones in a single post view. Is there any way to fix these problems?

    • #2 by Im a programmer on 22/04/2011 - 2:49 AM

      Can you provide me some more information?
      Like a snapshot and css code of the image you are talking about?

  2. #3 by jockl on 25/01/2012 - 7:10 PM

    Well, it works good for the images, but not for the header pic! jf

  3. #4 by FreeSpirit on 29/01/2012 - 10:39 PM

    Hi, I have the same problem as Jessi Matanky. Currently I have the picture protection switched off.
    If I have it on then the text does not float around the picture any more and the picture occupies the full width. Examples:
    >> an original post with unprotected image http://secretfreespirit.com/the-science-of-getting-rich/
    >> the same, but showing the problem: http://secretfreespirit.com/demo1/ … with protected image

    • #5 by Im a programmer on 29/01/2012 - 11:02 PM

      Thanks for the demo
      I have looked into it and found the problem
      In addition do you mind sending you post in html to this email moein [dot] ak [at] gmail [dot] com ?
      It seems strange to me that a part of the egg is hidden and I want to check something else too

      • #6 by FreeSpirit on 31/01/2012 - 10:34 AM

        Hi, seen the email yesterday ?

  4. #7 by jmakuk on 28/04/2012 - 10:16 AM

    I am having similar problems as everyone else, if have blog protector on it corrupts my photos by showing a square in top left handside of photo and the working disappears. Deactivate blog protector and the photo appears perfect. Can you fix this please as currently my blog is unprotected, thanks

  5. #8 by Shanna McGoldrick on 31/05/2012 - 9:20 PM

    Hi, I’ve downloaded the plugin but can’t figure out how to activate it? Thanks.

  6. #9 by Oleg on 19/07/2012 - 11:08 PM

    Thanks for your work. By the way, It makes sense to enable image protection not only in posts, but in attachments (galleries) as well. Otherwise the plugin seems a little bit limited in actions.

    It should not be very difficult, I guess?

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