custom comment future updates

Well when I fixed all of the bugs in this plugin I thought that now there is nothing left to do with this plugin
But when I walked out of the office I thought it would be good to add some more options
So let me explain to you what the future options be(As soon as I find some free time :D)
1- type of the extra field(number, string(min, max length), combo box, check box)
2- string validation(with regular expression)
3- show the extra fields in the post or not
4- send the extra fields to the email(along with the main fields)

These are what I thought until now
If you have anymore suggestion please tell me and I will add it here and of course I will mention your name in the code(with a link);)
This post will be a future reference for me to remember what I wanted to do with this plugin
p.s: If you make any improvement for the plugin send it to me in order not to lose the improvements when I update the plugin to a newer version
Wish me free time:P


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  1. #1 by ivank on 28/03/2011 - 7:40 PM

    hi there! i found your plugin and it suits great to be used in a project I’m workin on.
    I have some questions to make:
    1. I installed the plugin and set up a coupple of fields, but nohing new is shown in comments.
    2. is there any way of showing extra comments fields in the public website? I can see you’re planning to add this feature…! Any idea of when can it be ready?
    thanks for your great work!

    • #2 by Im a programmer on 29/03/2011 - 8:47 PM

      1- The active button should be deactivate which indicates that the field is activated(keep you mouse on a button to see what it means)
      2- Since there are different type of templates for wp it’s difficult to add this feature and it takes time
      I use comment meta tags to save values so if you know a little bit of programming of wp you can add it in your template

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