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Best hosting

Well since I introduced you the svn server so it’s better to introduce you to a good pricing shared hosting too
It’s been more than a year that I have my site hosted by this hosting and I’m really happy about their support and service
The only bad thing about this hosting is the domain price since in comparison to other hosts it’s really high($12 + tax)
So what I suggest you is to host your domains in a server that have a good pricing for domains and the change the dns to this host
The management of external domains is really really easy and I’m sure you will be happy with their services
Host your Web site with iPage!


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Best svn server

Hello everyone
Today I’m going to introduce you to the server that I have been using for a year and I’m really happy with them(Well recently they had lots of upgrades so they sometime were down due to these upgrades)
But for my personal website which has like 700 800 unique visitors per day I’m really happy with their service(And the company which I work in, uses this server for more than 20 large project)
It’s called Springloops(Don’t ask what it means:D)
So what’s good about this server
Once you have your project uploaded in this server you can give your server ftp access(It can be a shared hosting!!) and with a once click you have the whole project in the given directory in your host
I know the prices seem to be a little rare but I suggest you the GARDEN plan
You can get a free plan for minimum features to check whether it meets your expectation or not(And even 28 free trial days only through this link -normally it’s 14 days-)
Just check it out
They won’t ask you for any credit card for the trial so don’t be afraid and use it;)

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I always hated the domain business and never liked it
When I hate it when someone buys a domain and doesn’t use it and just waits for someone to pay him a large amount of money
And now I just wanted to check is is still free or not
And guess what!!
It was registered in January the month that my blog got more active(I had this blog from September 2010)
I would be happy if it was a page with some content but it’s not and I’m sure that person is waiting for someone to pay him good for the domain
Well I hope he waits until the end of his life 😀

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Showing custom comments saved values to visitors

Hi everyone
It’s been a long time since I wrote something
Due to requests for showing the custom fields in the template I searched a little bit and finally found the easiest solution
So what should you do?

First of all
Go to you template directory (in default template it’s “wp-content/themes/twentyten”)
Open comments.php and search for “wp_list_comments”(Don’t search with quotes :P)
Do you see the “something” in wp_list_comments( array( ‘callback’ => ‘something’ ) );?
That’s the function that will be overwrite the default template for comments
If it’s not there add it and instead of something write the name you like
Now open functions.php
If you haven’t changed anything in comments.php so search for “something”(the name of the function)
Now you you should add this code to this function wherever you want(put it in different place to see where it will appear-at the beginning it will be before author and at the end after the reply link-)

The function

$CComment_fields = array_filter(explode(",", get_option('CComment_fields')));
foreach ($CComment_fields as $CComment_field){
$CComment_field_arr = explode(";CuCo;", get_option($CComment_field));
$CComment_field_desc = $CComment_field_arr[0];
$CComment_field_active = $CComment_field_arr[1];
$Comment_field_value = get_comment_meta(get_comment_ID(), "CuCo_".$CComment_field);
if ($CComment_field_active == 1)
echo $CComment_field_desc.' : '. (($Comment_field_value[0] != '') ? $Comment_field_value[0] : '-');

Do you see this line “echo $CComment_field_desc.’ : ‘. (($Comment_field_value[0] != ”) ? $Comment_field_value[0] : ‘-‘);”?
It’s the part that prints each of custom field and it’s value
Just play with it as you please(add class, id or whatever you want)
For example
echo ‘
<div class=”cc-field”>’ . $CComment_field_desc .</div>
. ‘ : ‘. (($Comment_field_value[0] != ”) ? $Comment_field_value[0] : ‘-‘);
I hope this helps
Thanks for all of the comments about this plugin 🙂

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