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Facebook vs. Google+

So as you know it’s been a long time that facebook and google had some fight about the email and social network system.
So google finally has made his move and launched the invite-only testing phase to test it’s new system
I was amazed by it
The interface and the way you do things in Google+ is totally different from Facebook
Lately I was really unhappy about the problem with the Facebook(When you watch videos from YouTube and then decide to see a pic after opening the pic all the videos restart and start to play again)
Google offers lots of things that Facebook hasn’t offered even after 7 years and one of them which I hate it so much is the limit in status that Google seems to have more limit or not any limit at all(I have tried with more than 3300 characters and I guess it’s unlimited)
So why Facebook gonna lose to Google+?
We can’t deny the quantity of the people that are using Facebook right now(more than 500 million)
But Google is like a monster that has gotten over the whole internet and there is no way for Facebook which is a one service website to challenge such a monster
And the other thing is if you have a Gmail(You probably have) then once Google+ is public you will see the notification and everything needed for Google+ in the bar at the top of the page when you are using Google to find what you need
Soon you will be able to see why I love Google+ so much
Right now just there aren’t lots of people in Google+ from my friends but once it is public I’m not going to use Facebook anymore:)


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