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New features coming

Hi guys
After a long time I checked all the comments and fixed the problems that you guys reported to me
1- problem with deleting comments in wp 3.2
2- showing fields when the user is logged in

Right now I’m really busy as I have to work 20 hours per week and have like 20 hours of University classes :S
So what are the next features for the plugin to keep it up with nice features of wp 3.2 XD
1- Suggested in comments by Søren Sommerglæde
I will add a new field in the table which you edit the fields which can let you select a type for the field
2- It’s not a feature it’s like more cleaning up the plugin
I will change the name of the buttons and the look of the table to make it easier to unserstand
3- If possible I will add a more about this user link(or something shorter) to where the comment appears for visitors so other visitors can see the info of the user
4- If the feature #3 is added the will be an option to say which fields will be shown for the public and which will be only for the admin

I hope you enjoy this plugin 😉


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