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symfony & svn & Linux/Unix

I know lots of people use symfony in Linux or Unix operating system as we all know right now there isn’t any free program to use like tortoise in windows.

Yesterday I finally found a good solution.

This bash script simply search through all the files that are not under version control and it simply ignores the files under cache, log and config folder.

I hope it helps you out.
(make a file with sh extension the chmod it to 755 and put it in the parents folder to avoid adding it to the version control)

svn st | grep “^\?” | grep -v config | grep -v cache | awk “{print \$2}” | xargs svn add $1


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symfony standards

Hi everyone
As I told you before I started working a company which use symfony for most of its projects
Today they asked me to translate some parts of the script which were in English and it was done by one of my co-workers
I thought well I just go to the template and translate whatever I see in there
After finishing translating I refreshed the page… I think you can guess what the result was:P
It was just wasting time since like half of my time was used finding where he put the text that i needed to translate
Just a suggestion to you guys
Use the standards that symfony suggest you so when you work in groups it will be so much easier for other person to modify your code

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